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Family Bonding.

Building a community within a service.

Developing skills while engaging in play with family.

Gaining friendships with families in the local area.


Bumble Bee Play House provides experiences for children and their parents and/or guardians to investigate, explore and engage in a range of new and exciting experiences. The opportunity to engage in these experiences can help to develop cognitive, language, social, fine and gross motor skills and sensory development while also encouraging children to challenge themselves during our play sessions.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are all about the thinking skills. Cognitive is problem solving, experimenting, creating, discovering, exploring. It gives children the ability to think, understand, communicate, remember, imagine and work out what might happen next. Experiences include: colour matching, threading, does it float or sink experiments.


Family bonding in Bumble Bee Play House.

Having only lived in Berowra for a few months, I'm very grateful for Bumble Bee Play House! We have an incredibly curious and active one year old, who really loves being able to explore new things and roam around, which he is actively encouraged to do at the Play House. Gillian is incredibly welcoming and sets up very relaxed environment for children. There are a fantastic variety of creative activities which cater to a wide variety of ages and interests, and these changes every week. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other parents in the area. I’d highly recommend Bumble Bee Play House We’ll be fans for years to come. Thank you, Gillian


My girls love going to Bumble Bee Play House! Gillian is very caring and so knowledgeable too! Any questions I might have about my kid’s development stages she knows all the answers. Every week she sets up the room with lots of amazing activities! I think the mums secretly love doing them too!