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The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, their motivations and the richer their experiences.
Loris Malaguzzi
A variety of experiences accommodating
ages 0-5 years
Every child is an artist


Bumble Bee Play House is a place for inclusion. It is a place for families to come together to play, develop learning skills, get messy with experiences, laugh and enjoy time with other families.

Leave the cleaning up to us!


Bumble Bee Party Hire gives families opportunities to give their little ones an extra special day. We offer a range of experiences and characters that can go with your party theme as well as making personalised items. 

Leave the assembling and disassembling to us! 

Are you a stay at home parent looking for a social setting while engaging in fun and exciting experiences with your children?

Do you have a nanny looking for places to take the children?

Do the grandparents need some space for the children to engage in play?

Do you have a mothers group looking for somewhere to host your next playgroup without the fuss?

Here at Bumble Bee Play House all of this is provided.

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The love and care she has for families is shown throughout the programs that have been thoughtfully planned for each play session.

Gillian Crompton

Owner of Bumble Bee Play House

From a young age I have always felt so passionate about children and I knew this was a career I wanted to pursue.

Starting my first job in 2010 I began as a trainee. By 2012 I became a qualified Diploma educator and between 2013 to 2016 I was a room leader for many ages ranging from newborns to 5 years old.

Leaving childcare, I followed a new interest in nannying. Although the children loved going to the park, they love to try new things and extend on their social life. I found myself looking for local places to take the children but unfortunately there wasn’t a large range locally.

In 2018 I began designing Bumble Bee Play House and finalising the business in 2020.

Opening Bumble Bee Play House gives me the most amazing opportunity to express my passion about working with families.

At Bumble Bee Playhouse you can feel confident that your child/ children will receive the very best care.


Bumble Bee Play House is all about family bonding and developing friendships.

At Bumble Bee Play House we love to see children engaging in the experiences while having fun with their parents, siblings, guardians or friends.

Our experiences are thoughtfully created and programmed for each session to accommodate children’s development for ages ranging from 0-5years.

Our Mission & Vision

While working in childcare I absolutely loved making new friendships with families and developing strong bonds with each and every child I cared for. I love watching the children grow up and achieve their milestones before moving to the next room or even off to Kindergarten.

Welcoming families into Bumble Bee Play House we encourage parents to get involved with their children’s play. Children can teach adults a lot about themselves if we just give them the chance.

As we all know children love to get messy while being creative, coming to Bumble Bee Play House the children can engage in a range of different experiences that encourage them to express their creative side while also getting messy.

Emma Sonwat

French Teacher

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Gigi Didha

Dance Teacher

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Taylor Wifst

Activity Teacher

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Diana Grona

Language Teacher

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Selena Mezgo

Outdor Teacher

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Lisa Banmano

Fitness Coach

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Come and see what Bumble Bee Play House
is all about in person.


Family bonding in Bumble Bee Play House.

Having only lived in Berowra for a few months, I'm very grateful for Bumble Bee Play House! We have an incredibly curious and active one year old, who really loves being able to explore new things and roam around, which he is actively encouraged to do at the Play House. Gillian is incredibly welcoming and sets up very relaxed environment for children. There are a fantastic variety of creative activities which cater to a wide variety of ages and interests, and these changes every week. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other parents in the area. I’d highly recommend Bumble Bee Play House We’ll be fans for years to come. Thank you, Gillian


My girls love going to Bumble Bee Play House! Gillian is very caring and so knowledgeable too! Any questions I might have about my kid’s development stages she knows all the answers. Every week she sets up the room with lots of amazing activities! I think the mums secretly love doing them too!


Bumble Bee play House was my saviour with 3 under 4. My kids loved exploring all different tables with activities and everything was always so clean and well set out. Gillian made sure that my baby also had some space to do her own thing, crawling around and exploring whilst my older two were occupied with all the activities. It was great to have different themes regularly so my kids never got bored and were always learning. Great value for money. I can't recommend Bumble Bee Play House enough!


My son (3yrs old) absolutely loves going to Gillians Bumble Bee Play House - there's always something fresh and new to play with. I really like that it's sensory-rich so it encourages curiosity, exploration and creativity.